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Mimis reflects our care for quality journalism and our desire for it to thrive in this age of click-bait, fake news, filter bubbles, sensationalism, and low-attention-span 24/7 copy-cat news cycles.

As its Editorial Board, you can hold us accountable for Mimis' editorial choices and biases. We will respond to those feedbacks so that Mimis stays in tune with its readers.

Anders represents the AI portion of Mimis. He does the coding and fine-tunes the algorithm according to feedback.

Daniel represents the human touch, by reading and vetting articles and selecting the editorial picks.

In contrast to traditional editors, we don't have a background in journalism. We think that's a good thing as that places us outside the media bubble. Instead we have a deep understanding of politics, finance, business and technology, the primary forces shaping today's society.

Anders Schmachtenberg
Responsible for programming and tuning Mimis according to feedback.
Worked 5 years in M&A banking and PE investments.
Studied business, finance, and leadership at university. Self-taught full-stack MERN programmer. Currently learning AI.
Daniel Ekström
Responsible for reading articles and making editorial picks.
Working as entrepreneur and consultant. Previously worked 2 years at the Swedish embassy in Beijing.
Studied business, economics and politics at university.